Fabric Dryers (Float / Vertical or Horizontal Conveyor /
Float – cum - Horizontal Conveyor Dryers)
The printed fabric should be dried after the printing process is over. This job is done by the dryer system. The fabric after being printed passes through the dryer, wherein; it comes in contact with hot air which dries the fabric. The hot air gets its heat while passing through the heat exchanger which is heated either by steam, oil or gas as required by the customer.

The dryers are built having modular system construction for each chamber. The chambers are heat insulated with insulation panels. An exhaust system suitably located in the chamber automatically removes the moisture from the chambers.

There are different types of dryers, which are categorized depending on how the fabric is supported in the dryer.
Float Dryer :
The printed fabric floats between hot air cushion without support of any conveyor belt. This type of dryer is recommended for light fabrics like sarees & dress materials. Printed fabric by virtue of floating is not stained, is the main advantage of this dryer.
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Float cum Horizontal Conveyor Dryer :
This Dryer can be either used as a Float Dryer or as Horizontal Conveyor Dryer. If used as  Float Dryer the fabric passes through the lower section and if used as a Conveyor Dryer the fabric passes over the conveyor. This type of Dryer is ideal for woven and knitted fabrics.
Horizontal Conveyor Dryer :
The fabric is supported on the conveyor of the Dryer and it travels Horizontally through the Dryer. There are blowers located in each chambers.
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Vertical Conveyor Dryer :
These functions very much like the Horizontal Conveyor Dryer, the only difference  here is that a series of blowers are placed below the structure of Dryer and through ducting and nozzles, the air passes vertically upwards in the Dryer Chambers.  These dryers generally have higher height.
This type of Dryer is very much suitable for knitted fabrics as the fabric dried is moved tension less.