Multi Cage Screen Stretching Machine
This machine enables bolting cloth used in the manufacture of Printing screen, stretched by applying uniform tension in warp & weft sides.
  • Motorized controls
  • A Supporting board allows stretching many frames at the same time.
  • No contact between frame & mesh during stretching process.
  • Simultaneous handling of several screen frames.
Scope of Supply
A rigidly stayed fabricated base frame work ,suitably designed for supporting of the screen Fabric Tensioning arrangement, which comprises of the following:.
  • A series of pinned  plates firmly attached to the stretching machine angular surface section, to retain the screen fabric wrap & weft while being tensioned
  • Pair of mechanically controlled Pinned Rollers for Stretching/ Tensioning of Screen Fabrics
  • Mechanically controlled Table for raising the table & accommodating  various sizes of screen frames.
Technical Specification :
Length Up to 7300 mm
Width 2700 mm ( Up to 60” Printing width flat screen )
Height 1000 mm
Power Supply 3 Phase, 415 Volts, 50 HZ
Maximum HP 5 HP